Femininity – The Energy of Being. The Energy of Receptivity.

Welcome to Sensuette, a website dedicated to the exploration and expression of feminine energy. If you have found your way here it is because you have a deep desire to explore and express the feminine energy that resides within.

Feminine energy is the energy of “being.” It is the energy of receptivity.

Masculine energy on the other hand is the energy of “doing.” Regardless gender we all contain within both masculine and feminine energy. The goal is to learn how to balance that energy so that we can feel at peace within ourselves. Our leading energy reflects our inner nature and values. When we allow ourselves to fully embrace and express our leading energy our lives become more rich and meaningful. However, when our leading energy is suppressed it can feel as if we are paralyzed and unable to move forward in life. It can feel as if a huge piece of ourselves is missing.

Curious what your leading energy actually is? Hop on over to the Tonny Robbins website to see for yourself.